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Marnoch Lodge has 2 1/4 miles  of fishing at the Bridge of Marnoch.

The beat fishes well in high water and has some good holding pools once the fish arrive.

Craighead Pool

This pool is above the bridge but access is not brilliant and spates keep changing it.

Bridge Pool

Immediately below the bridge this is a long slow pool which is very deep at the neck and shallows up at the tail. An excellent pool in high water for spinning where fish can be found anywhere. The fish will show themselves as they enter the shallow tail before entering the main flow of the pool.

Island Stream

This is extremely good fly water and is excellent for sea trout and has good wading.

Kinnairdy Run

Another good fly pool with fast water tailing away into rapids at the tail.


A very long pool of several hundred yards. It can fish well with the fly in high water with good holding spots- arguably the best pool on the beat.


This pool in contrast to the falconer is very short and full of rocks and boulders - decent fly water.

Upper, Middle and Lower Hummies

The upper hummies can be a good holding spot in the right water as it is long and flat. The middle hummies is a very deep pool and the lower pool fishes well in high water.


The last pool on the beat. It is a good spinning pool and fishes well in high water. Full of rocks it can be a good pool for the fly as well in lower water. 

There is an extremely well equipped en-suite coach house available to rent which sleeps eight.






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