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Getting to Know Our Fine Shotguns

We invite everyone to compare Huglu's fit and finish to other brands. Take note of the fine finish our figured Turkish walnut and the clarity and beauty of the barrel and action. See the detailed hand engraving that is standard on all Huglu firearms and. Now break down an over and under or side by side and examine the workmanship. Notice how it is devoid of tooling marks or rough edges and the finish work is complete. As you reassemble the gun appreciate the marriage of wood and metal as they blend together perfectly to produce a sleek silhouette.

Huglu's artisans have perfected the process of producing quality barrels, which requires detailed technical knowledge and experience, for over 75 years. The crucial role of barrel length and balance requirements as well as durability is well understood at Huglu. Standard chrome lining offers long life while a variety of barrel lengths addresses all application requirements. From the short skeet barrels to medium length for sport shooting to the longer trap barrels, Huglu has the shotgun for you. All barrels are tuned with a top rib for maximum performance with a (50/50) point of impact on the Sporting Models to the high (80/20) of the Trap Models, Huglu has the fit.

Huglu of course uses fine Turkish walnut, highly coveted everywhere, for their guns. Stocks are offered in several configurations to suit both the individual and the application from the straightness of the traditional English style to the more modern rounded pistol grip to the Trap Models with their 4-way adjustable comb and palm swell.
















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